Country House



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    The landscape consists of a wide plain with patches of wheat plantations, sunflowers and olive groves, an artificial and geometrical nature that changes with the seasons.

    We used the blinding light as a construction tool, in order to generate a closed sculpture-like architecture conscious of the surrounding nature.

    Outdoor spaces are enclosed – greenhouse, patio, glass cube – and as such are a contrast to the emptiness of the surrounding plain. These captured exteriors are cross-illuminated and provide diagonal views.

    A technological architecture is left aside and traditional construction is re-accepted, with mortar and lime, mud pavements and workshop locksmithing brought back through a modern language.

    Ficha técnica

    Country House in an Olive Grove. Marchena, Sevilla. 2003-2002

    Client: Private
    Architects: Ana Espinosa G. Valdecasas, Álvaro Moreno Hernández, Pablo Olalquiaga Bescós
    Location: Marchena, Sevilla, Spain
    Purpose: Sigle Family House
    Built area:  646 m2
    Budget: 437.475,43 €
    Photography: Miguel de Guzmán
    Technical Architect: Vicente Linares Medina
    Collaborator: Alfonso Olalquiaga

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