Galerias Preciados Central Warehouse



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    Necessary gross storage area equivalent to approximately 170.000 m2 determined the five-story organization of the warehouse, with each floor being 2,5 m high. These plans form the upper part of the warehouse, which is circumscribed by ground floor and first floor perimeter area which is 5 m high, giving a shape to the upper floors and also accommodating the reception and expedition. Three floors are above the ground, and two of them are underneath it.

    The accesses are enabled through four vertical communication cores equipped with ramps, as well as with the possibility of placing elements of mechanical vertical communication in them, if necessary.

    The lot coverage is optimal, since its built area is 50% of the whole area of the plot, so that the remaining area can be used in a way that enables better functioning of the activities in the interior of the warehouse. This signifies that good organization of import and export merchandise traffic along the perimeter of the building contributed to the simplification of the internal organization.

    Key Facts

    Galerías Preciados Central Warehouse. 1970

    Client: Galerías Preciados
    Architects: J.Antonio Corrales, Ramón V. Molezún, Rafael Olalquiaga
    Location: San Fernando de Henares
    Madrid, Spain
    Use: Central Warehouse
    Area: 187.545,12 m²
    Budget: 25.682.210,23 pts / 154353,19 €
    Technical Studio: Komter Estudios Técnicos de Organización
    Industrial Engineer: Javier Olalquiaga
    Technical Architect:

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