Cuenca Congress Palace



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    We set the North-South axis as the generator of the project, since it provides the best views: to the North the trees that underline the flow of the Júcar river, along with the old town on the horizon, and on the South the afforested profile of the hillside is carved into the sky. In the same manner, the slope with its lowest on the North is also favorable.

    We propose an easily readable building of clear and outright volumes. Two fundamental pieces are designed.

    The first is of the strong presence, rising and flying at its North and South ends, accommodating two congress halls which are shaping a single space. It is completed by a cafeteria and restaurant in an elevated position on the North, overlooking the city above the river and the forest, along with the two service “stripes” in the flanks and the large entrance hall.

    The last volume is a key point of the project: it goes through the building from the South to the North, articulating and interconnecting its complexity, giving a representative character to the whole. It serves as a link with the second part of the proposal, a piece that is trying to merge with the environment. It contains the exhibition, meeting and multipurpose halls, which project their activity to the exteriors with a private square for the outdoor exhibitions.

    Key Facts

    Cuenca Congress Palace. Cuenca. Competition. 2010

    Client: Cuenca Local Government
    Architects: Olalquiaga Arquitectos
    Location: Cuenca, España
    Purpose: Congress, exhibitions, restaurants…
    Areas: 10.200,00 m2 built /11.000,00 m2 parking
    Budget: 13.280.000,00 €
    Mechanical Engineer: JG Ingenieros
    Models: Jesús Resino
    3D Models: Estudio
    Collaborators: Javier Morales Luchena

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