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    The strategy designed for the urban void, created after the demolition of the disorganized buildings ordered by the Plan of Environmental Improvement, has allowed the latent nature to burst under an enclave of intensive urbanisation and high cultural density. An emptiness that because of its position has the potential to become a citizen center of the postindustrial Vallecas. These circumstances have lead us to the proposal which can symbolize an organized change based on cooperation and coexistence of generations and the nature. If  Versailles superimposed the urban structure to the natural order, in Vallecas we would make it reverse: the organic over the city.

    Key Facts


    Client:  EMVS
    Architects:  Olalquiaga Arquitectos y Langarita – Navarro
    Location:  Distrito de Vallecas, Madrid. España
    Purpose:  Collective Housing
    Built area:  –
    Budget:  –
    Mechanical Engineer:  –
    Models:  –
    Technical Architect:  –
    Renderings:  Olalquiaga Arquitectos y Langarita – Navarro
    Collaborators:  –

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