House Haynes



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    The lot originally had a six meter incline facing north, opposite the main access.  The main objectives were to work with the topography, orient the house towards the midday sun and preserve the magnificent surrounding cork trees.

    The house rises as a vessel of Mediterranean architecture where space, light, horizon and continuity are the prime forces.  On the upper floor there are a series of rooms (living, dining, bed) which are connected by sliding doors and open onto the garden by way of a large continuous glass panel.

    Access to the house is by a ramp which leads us to the lower level  where the auxiliary rooms are located overlooking the northern facade through spaces of varying proportions and geometries.

    Key Facts

    Villa in a Alcornocal. San Roque, Cádiz. España. 2003-1999

    Client: Peter Haynes
    Architects: Olalquiaga Arquitectos
    Location: c/ Castaño de la Urbanización Sotogrande (Cádiz) Parcela nº 510104
    Purpose:  Residencial Unifamiliar
    Lot size:  275 m2
    Budget: 198.000,00 €
    Structural Engineer: Pondio Ingenieros
    Photography: Fernando Alda, Eugeni Pons
    Technical Architect: Manuel Benjumea

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