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    The project reflect the most important values of Mediterranean architecture, including arcaded square open to the South, apartment buildings with magnificent view of the sea or the port, with Gibraltar and Africa on the horizon. The harmonious palette of colors of the facades represents the general attitude that defined the project. Colors are constituted from diversity of plantation and the land, and they are usual in the entire coast of Cádiz. The sea penetrated in the Marine forming islands and banks, allowing ships to dock in front of the gardens of the houses.

    Key Facts

    Urbanism, Sports Port, Beach Apartments and a Marine.
    Sotogrande. Cádiz. 1987

    1st Prize. In collaboration with Ramón Vázquez Molezún.

    Client: Port Sotogrande S.A.
    Architects: Ramón Vázquez MolezúnRafael Olalquiaga Soriano
    Location: Cádiz, Spain
    Use: Puerto deportivo, hotel, viviendas…
    Area: 59 Ha
    Budget: 15.300.000,00 €

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