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    The aim of the project is to create as attractive garden colony habitat in the center of Madrid, where the green corridor and the river of Madrid are the natural references of exterior life and healthy leisure. The project exhausts all available buildability of the plot, but reduces the width of the building, in order to free as much space as possible for the landscaped zone in the inner part of the plot.

    On the ground floor there is one vehicle access from the Carmen Cobeña street and one corner pedestrian access from the Melilla street and Carmen Cobeña streets. On the southwestern part of the interior garden there are pools for adults and children and a playground. In this way, the communal activities are “concentrated”, which allows the rest of the garden to represent a space for visual pleasure and a relief among the housing blocks.

    All of the dwellings have terraces, which allow the visual and spatial expansion of the living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. This is made so that a habitat could be made, without the traffic and with the views of the green zones. The apartments are compact with an inner distribution in which the corridors are minimized and the most attention is given to the living spaces and bedrooms.

    Key Facts


    Client: Selesquí Inversiones SL
    Architects: Olalquiaga Arquitectos
    Location: C/ Carmen Cobeña 18. 28005, Madrid. Spain
    Purpose: Collective Housing
    Built area: 9741,56 m2 (above ground) / 5392,28 m2 (underground)
    Mechanical Engineer: Mechanismo Ingeniería
    Technical Architect: Enrique Martinez
    Renderings: Fran Mateos
    Collaborators: Javier Morales Luchena, Sara García Romero, Alejandro Gónzalez Santos, Borja Pérez de Villar Ramos, Antonio Moreno Martín de Oliva, Fernando Gónzalez Derecho, Alejandro Gónzalez Santos, Juan Lobo Angulo, Juan Carlos Montero Nieto

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