Bus station and a Library. Málaga.

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    Conceptually two different buildings:


    Silence, order that contributes to the concentration and study, all developed in a large space defined by natural, optimal and constant North illumination. Light penetrates through a large window and illuminates the reading area through a large void that runs throughout the building. The linear building is developed on the entire northern part of the plot, on its highest point, and is closed to the South, where the archive area and the communication cores are situated. On the upper floor the building opens to the South in order to gain a view of historic center of Ronda where the most emblematic structure is situated: the bullring.


    Dynamism, movement, fast, arranged and differentiated circulation of people and buses lead us to a circular building. It facilitates the movement of people at upper floor and the circulation of buses on the lower level. In this way, the pedestrian level is easily accessible since it is slightly higher than the street level, while buses are hidden from the street. Not only functional issues have provoked the circular shape of the building, but also the strong and resounding presence of a bullring in the city, which has been a constant reference throughout the development of the project. While the bullring emerges from the rock on which it sits, the bus station detached from the ground appears as if it was floating because of the light structure and up-do-date materials, which give it an image of contemporaneity merging with the history of the bullring. A stainless steel mesh of a variable transparency surrounds the circular building and the access walkway flying over the platforms and providing shade.


    This point is situated on the higher part of the terrain, on its Northeast end. Through a large porch, an extension of the sidewalk of the street, one can access to the two buildings: the library, linear extension of the porch, and the bus station, which opens diagonally to the large central space.

    Key Facts

    Bus station and a Library.

    Client: Ronda City Council
    Architects: Olalquiaga Arquitectos
    Location: c/ Guadalcobacin. Ronda
    Use: Dotacional
    Budget 2.460.000,00 €

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