Collection Center of the State Museums. San Fernando de Henares.



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    The proposal implies a rehabilitation of an old space of former Presicdos galleries commercial center into a collection center of the State Museums. The original building has a very valuable architecture with beautiful rational construction, which in our opinion should be completely preserved.

    We proposed a large interior spaces which are enriched with the light entrancing through the long skylights on the roof. The grand patios of columns, which are 15 m high, are filled with light, so an attractive space is created – a space suitable for many temporary activities. Our intervention is spread throughout the whole space, since the light is spreading everywhere. The emphasis is put on the existing building, in its integrity, always favoring its formal and constructional elements of great importance.

    The problem in the design process was in the interpretation of the existing elements in the manners of the new program, without affecting the two large interior patios of columns which represent the essence of the building. As a result, light is introduced into these focal places, making those places of great height more welcoming, lively and pleasant. Any unnecessary construction in the naves has been avoided.


    Key Facts

    Collection Center of the State Museums

    Cliente: Administration of Infrastructure. Minisrty of Culture
    Arquitectos: Olalquiaga Arquitectos, Juan Navarro Baldeweg, Langarita-Navarro Arquitectos
    Localización: c/ Límite, 1. San Fernando de Henares,Spain
    Uso: Museum, Historical Archive
    Superficie: 115.680,00 m2
    Presupuesto Ejecución Material: 170.030,190,00 €
    Estructuras: Juan Carlos Salvá
    Instalaciones: JG Ingenieros
    Imágenes 3D: Juan Navarro Baldeweg
    Fotografía: Olalquiaga arquitectos
    Arquitecto técnico: Leandro Núñez
    Arquitecto colaborador: Javier Morales Luchena

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