Conde de Fenosa Foundation



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    The Foundation is a result of the sum of the best of the successive projects developed over 12 years. Operative problems caused by distinct programs, the circulation and connection with the urban space are solved by simplicity. The elevations were the greatest difficulty: particular elements of preexisting building are conserved – galleries, railings and stone moldings, and two types of facade organization were designed. A modulated composition of large stone covering panels and another of white aluminum and glass which hide the system of the blinds. The stone finishes and wooden galleries serve both as elements of dialogue with traditional Galician architecture, as well as climate regulators.

    Key Facts

    Conde de Fenosa Foundation. 1995

    Client: Fundación Pedro Barrié de la Maza
    Architects: Ramón Vázquez MolezúnGerardo Salvador MolezúnRafael Olalquiaga Soriano
    Location: Cantón Grande c/v a Santa Catalina y c/ Estrella, La Coruña, España
    Purpose: Offices, Auditorium, Exhibitions
    Lot size: 6.500,00 m2
    Budget: 5.000.000,00 €
    Structural Engineer: Rodio, EMESA
    Technical Architect: Carlos Bordiú

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