Cork House. Sotogrande. Cádiz.



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    10 Cork houses – 10 luxury villas that Valderrama Luxury Gardens will develop in the Sotoalto settlement – gathers the experience of Olalquiaga Arquitector over the last 15 years in design of luxury homes in Sotogrande. What characterizes Sotogrande and the surroundings of Valderrama in particular is the location in a forest of cork oaks.

    Because of that we proposed a CORK HOUSE as a model. It is a house BETWEEN THE CORK OAKS, resting in a beautiful and unique wooden environment.

    These houses are settled on their plots which, because of their area and dimensions, cannot be isloated from the neighbors simply by vegetation. The experience has taught us that this is the type of house that has to visually protect the interior from the street and the neighboring plots by its geometry. On the other hand, the environment is inviting us to open the interior to it through large windows – to the garden, to the views or to the cork oak forest. To achieve the isolation from the outside, while enjoying the intimate natural environment at the same time we considered that the “U” shape is ideal (or the “L” where the plot offers views or has sufficient dimension). The exterior borders of the “U” shape adjust to the limitations of the plot as much as possible, in order to isolate from the outside and to gain a wider interior space.

    The house is placed as a sculpture with a cork bark. The cork isolates the house visually and thermally from the exterior, while mimicking its texture and color with the surroundings. The cork sculpture opens itself to the inner world through the large windows, to the terrace, the garden and the cork tree forest in the background.

    Key Facts

    Sigle-Family House. 2003-2007

    Client: Private
    Architects: Olalquiaga Arquitectos
    Purpose: Vivienda unifamiliar
    Built area: 700m2
    Mechanical Engineer: JG Ingenieros
    Models: Julio Fenor
    Technical Architecture: Alberto Palencia

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