Office building Alius II



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    The main idea of the project was to develop a modular building within the given boundaries, a building isolated from its surroundings, but still provided with good orientation and open spaces oriented to the southern part of the plot. Under the defined urban regulations this modular building is disassembling and dividing, while creating spacious gardens at the same time.

    The taller buildings are placed in an L-shape, perpendicularly to each other while opening to the South and the gardens. Also, they are limiting the lower pavilions open to the free spaces of the neighboring plots on the other side.

    The circular building is situated on the northwestern part of the plot, facing the service road connected to the highway. It is separated from the rest of the building and its geometry is opposite of the rest of the orthogonal buildings. One’s attention is drawn by its presence since it is standing right next to the highway, standing out as a landmark among other buildings that fill the landscape along the road.

    Key Facts

    154 Offices and Commercial Offices, Alcalá de Henares, Madrid. 2008-2006

    Client: Alius Henares SL
    Architects: Olalquiaga Arquitectos
    Location: Parcelas 5-6. polígono 116. Alcalá de Henares. Madrid.
    Purpose: Despachos profesionales y locales comerciales
    Built area: 10.495 m2
    Budget: 7.050.400,00 €
    Structural Engineer: Juan Carlos Salvá
    Mechanical Engineer: JG Ingeniería
    Models: Jesús Resino
    Photography: Aurofoto (Federico López) Maquetas
    Renderings: Cisne (Roberto Potenciano)
    Technical Architect: Leandro Núñez
    Collaborator: Javier Morales Luchena

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