Galerías Preciados Offices



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    We designed an annex to the central warehouse of Galerias Preciados for the administration of the warehouse and the transportation, for the social purposes, as well as for the auxiliary and service installations.

    The contour of its facade, shaped according to its orientation towards the national highway, is semicircular at its endings, so that a recognizable perspective is created from a vehicle in motion. The label of the Galerias Preciados is placed on the roof.

    Since there is an underground communication with the warehouse, we considered it convenient to place the changing rooms of the staff in this building. This allows a simple control of them while they’re entering or exiting the building. The surface of the social purpose’s program contains a dinging room and a rest room in the more pleasant and controllable place than any other in the warehouse.

    Key Facts

    Galerías Preciados Offices. 1973

    Client: Galerías Preciados
    Architects: J.Antonio Corrales, Ramón V. Molezún, Rafael Olalquiaga
    Location: San Fernando de Henares
    Madrid, Spain
    Use: Office building
    Area: 4244,00 m2
    Budget: 154.353,19 €
    Mechanical engineer: Studio
    Instalations: Studio
    Technical architect:

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