Candeias Building. Recife



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    This project represents the first experience of Brasil for our studio. Two themes set the beginning of the project: the location in the tropics and the heritage of Brasilian architecture of the sixties. The project tries to recover the spirit of Brasilian architecture of the sixties, influenced by the School of Sao Paulo, “the goth mother” of the rationalist architecture whose main protagonists were large windows and reinforced concrete.
    The volume of the building and the irregular geometry of the plot break the symmetry of the plan of the project. Project development and the shape of its geometry was conditioned by the particular urban regulations. As a result, a corner tower facing the streets and two lower buildings, whose height depended on the height of the neighboring plots, were created.

    Following the path of the open tropical architecture of the masters of modern Brasilian architecture, entrance to the apartments of the Suzana building is enabled through an exterior “corridor” that also provides natural cross ventilation in the dwellings, so that the energy expenditure is minimized, but the air is kept fresh.

    The vertical communication is placed in between the three buildings and the approach to it is made through the exterior corridors. At the penultimate floor there is a gym surrounded by a porch, and on the very top of the tower there is a swimming pool with a solarium.

    Key Facts

    Residential Building in Recife, Brasil

    Client: Belius Empreendimientos Imobiliários
    Architects: Olalquiaga Arquitectos
    Location: Rua José Braz Moscou, nº 4620, JaboatÃo Dos Guararapes- PE, Brasil
    Purpose: Residential
    Lot size: 8160 m2
    Budget: 8.150.000 €
    Structural Engineer: Stuvife
    Mechanical Engineer: Boanerges Cerqueira

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