Social Housing at Rue St. Martin. Lausanne.



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    The terrain of the project is situated next to a noisy, sloping street, with a green area on a steep slope on the eastern part and a background of buildings and the cathedral on the western side. Those characteristics make this plot attracting and interesting for proposal of the solutions that bring advantages to the city. We wanted to transmit the clarity of the different parts of the program to the project, in order to make as much opportunities as the terrain of the site and the topography offer us.

    We broke the barrier of the continuous buildings of the Rue Saint Martin by placing a permeable building which generates various scenography (the park and the road, the park and the cathedral…), building the space visually and unifying the appearance of the city. This project is a park, with landscaped roofs that give visual continuity and accept the topography as an integral part of the building adapted to it. There are also several viewpoints in the park that serve as a meeting and observation points, made according to the existing topography.

    Rompemos la barrera  de edificación continua de la Rue Saint Martin con el objeto de conseguir una edificación permeable, generando diversas visuales(el parque y la vía, el parque y la catedral..) atando visualmente ese espacio y otorgándole unidad de cara a la ciudad.

    El proyecto es parque, se ajardinan las cubiertas para darle continuidad visual y se acoge  la topografía como parte de la propuesta adaptándola a la edificación. Se plantean además diversos Belvedere en el parque de acuerdo a la topografía existente que funcionan como puntos de encuentro y observación.

    Key Facts

    Social housing, local administration premises and workshops at the Rue St.Martin 16-18. Lausanne. Competition. 2015

    Client: City of Lausanne
    Architects: Olalquiaga Arquitectos
    Location: Lausanne, Switzerland
    Use: Mixed use
    Built area: 8106 m2
    Budget: 15.000.000 CHF
    Models: Jesús Resino
    Renderings: Estudio
    Collaborator: Henar Varela (architect), Alfredo Entrala (student), Marcos Díaz-Guerra (student)

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