Mundo Aguilón



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    The Project covers the design for the entire Complex, from the infrastructure (roads, accesses, bridges, etc.) to the golf course, to the plotting  lots for the houses and Golf Hotel.

    A study of the urbanization is a major priority in the development of the Project.  One must organize the topography,  adapt the buildings to the land, shape the different levels and study the movement of people and machines.

    The land for the complex has a metal fence for security around the entire plot, and can only be entered by going though the one security gate which controls security for the the houses.

    All the buildings consist of a ground and first floor, so that the landscaping for the gardens is based on the view from the ground floor as if it were nature’s viewpoint, thus reducing maintenance costs and construction of gardens from the first floor. The cement walls which serve as platforms for the gardens are a part of the gardens.

    The paved walkways are soft and warm, made of `albero´ or wood, in harmony with the green zones. Even the main street for access by car has a walkway feeling, while resistant to wear and tear by cars, it favors those on foot, so the force of the cars is reduced.

    Finally, one must pay attention to the urban landscape fixtures, lamp posts, benches, trash cans and signs…, these must cohere to the overall design in keeping with the exceptionally high quality of the homes and the overall Complex.

    The houses are terraced to conform to the slope/incline of the land. They have large terraces which are an extension of the houses linking them to the outdoors, sun, golf, horizon and sea.

    The size of the outdoor space is almost the same as indoors, which is a logical situation given the privileged location surrounded by sunlight, views, and nature in it’s purist an most quiet, very quiet state.

    Houses totally integrated with the landscape, yielding to it.

    Facades converted into gardens, lush with vegetation, textures and colors born of the sand and rock extracted from the earth itself during construction.

    Everything is taken and given back to the land: the materials, the vegetation….so the buildings merge and become one with the landscape.

    Key Facts

    Masterplan of Mundo Aguilón. 2004-2002

    Client: Proyecto Mundo Aguilón SL
    Architects: Olalquiaga Arquitectos
    Location: Sierra del Aguilón. Pulpí, Almería, Spain
    Purpose: Residential area, golf, hotel…
    Lot size: 199 Ha
    Budget: 1.438.720.000 pta – 8.646.881,35 €
    Models: Jesús Resino
    Photography: Aurofoto (Federico López)
    Collaborators: Álvaro Marzo Ruiz

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