The New Headquarters of the Lottery. Buenos Aires.



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    The proposal is determined by the closeness to the citizens and complicity realized through transparency, openness, uniqueness and its vocation to be a milestone. The structure of the building is made according to the concept and strategic setup of large program blocks.

    Raffle Room is the main space, the heart of the project. This fundamental part of the building is set above the access floor and the urban space, creating a void. Its volume and transparency guarantee permanent and open contact with the city.

    The western facade of the building has a view of the emblematic building of the Congress Palace of the Nation, and therefore has a special treatment. It establishes a dialogue, implying respect in its proportion, dimensions and harmony as a whole.

    The “plate-garden” makes space for the social and recreational program. The access to the building is made through the roof of this “plate”, that is an interior garden which introduces the square to the proposal and in which large openings and a ramp connect the ground floor activities with the vegetation and enable natural lighting.

    Office spaces are surrounding the raffle room, using the possibility of natural lighting as much as possible. This scenography of offices is formed as a simple volume – transparent, operative and functional. Because of the specific regulations, there is a difference in height of the building, so that a large terrace on a tenth floor is created, differentiating the upper floors from the lower ones.

    Key Facts

    The New Headquarters of the Lottery. Buenos Aires. Competition. 2012

    Client: National Lottery State Society
    Architects: Olalquiaga Arquitectos
    Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Use: Hedquarters of National Lottery
    Built area: 15.927,50 m2
    Budget:  –
    Mechanical Engineer: JG Ingenieros
    Models: Jesús Resino
    Renderings: Estudio
    Collaborators: Javier Morales Luchena

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