Cofares Offices and Warehouse



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    This is a project of a warehouse and offices for Cofares, a company dedicated to the storage and distribution of medicines to pharmacies in Madrid. It is designed as a large air-conditioned refrigerator for the storage of medicament. In the interior the drugs are stored at different levels on shelves which are made to withstand large loads of weight.

    The warehouse is completely automated. Next to an access road the ground floor plan is suited for the import and the export of the shipment, while the office area is on the upper floors. A building is designed so that it unifies with an office building on the same plot that has never been built.

    Key Facts

    Cofares Offices and Warehouse. 1968

    Client: Cofares
    Architects: Jose Antonio Corrales,Ramón Vázquez Molezún,Rafael Olalqquiaga Soriano
    Location: Fuencarral (Madrid)
    Purpose: Offices, Industrial
    Built area: 37.509,12 m²
    Structural Engineer: Juan José Arenas. Ingeniro de Caminos
    Mechanical Engineer: ACOYSA Ingenieros
    Models: Prim
    Technical Architect  Jacobo CondeCésar Yuste

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