Rehabilitation of the Virgen Peregrina Sanctuary

    P:CONCURSOSFachadas Pontevedra 08 OCT 2010ProyectoPlanta-Alz


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    We noticed how the church of La Pelegrina stands out while respecting the buildings nearby, which are only two or three floors high. The goal of the project was to recover this environment of low buildings so that La Peregrina could regain her prominent condition. The act that we proposed is logical and simple: to cover the high walls with crystal glass so that they dissapear from the scenery and dematerialize as they reflect the facades of the Sanctuary and the surrounding buildings. The facades of the lower buildings have been recovered as they were, either in stone or by repainting.

    Key Facts

    Rehabilitation of the Virgen Peregrina Sanctuary

    Client: Pontevedra City Council
    Arquitectos: Olalquiaga Arquitectos
    Localización: Plaza da Peregrina
    Presupuesto Ejecución Material:
    Colaboradores: Javier Morales Luchena
    Pedro Tasende Cotelo

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