Rojo y Negro



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    The project is created by mixing two concrete volumes that meet on their open faces and enclose the scenic volume and a skin of thick wood and glass profiles that are responsible for the urban response. The first of the concrete volumes, the largest, contains the stage box itself and occupies the rear of the site from side to side to add to the maximum scene the amount of perimeter space that the urban volume allows.

    The second, aligned with Bretón de los Herreros street, is separated from the perimeter on all its remaining faces: it rises from the ground floor by means of a pair of parallel concrete walls that confine the mezzanine floor of the room, it is separated from the adjacent buildings allowing that both the sandstone façade of the municipal building on the corner of María Zambrano street and the light green plaster façade of the current Theater return their finishes to form part of the vestibular space at triple height as visible dividing walls. The wooden frame completes the thermal envelope and It allows both the movement of the public and the activity of the multipurpose room to be exposed to the street.

    Ficha Técnica

    Rojo y Negro

    Client: MITMA (Ministerio de Transporte, Movilidad y Agenda Urbana).
    Architects: Olalquiaga Arquitectos / Langarita Navarro
    Location: c/ Bretón de los Herreros, 11, 26001 Logroño, La Rioja
    Use: Civic
    Budget: 2.631.942,84€
    3D Images: Olalquiaga Aquitectos / Langarita Navarro
    Tecnical Architect: Consuelo Astasio López
    Collaborators: Borja Pérez de Villar Ramos, Langarita Navarro Arquitectos
    Competition: Honorable Mention

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