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    The Clover Residential is a closed settlement consisting of five houses distributed radially, in a shape of flower with an N-S axis of symmetry. It is situated in the center of a plot surrounded by the Mateo Inurria street on the North, and the Donoso Montesinos street on the South.

    The geometry and volumetry of the building are adjusted to the settlement’s urban rules. Each dwelling has 350 m2, an underground garage and large screen windows opening to a garden which has a private pool and is perceived as an extension of the living room.

    All five of the dwellings are triplex, with a ground, first and second floor distributed radially, in a form of flower, around the patio which enables access to the building, along with the lighting and ventilation.

    The project consists of one isolated building with 5 dwellings and an underground garage. The outdoor spaces of the plot are colonized with terraces, a garden with lavish plantation, a private swimming pools and open living spaces for each home.  Dwellings V1 and V2 are symmetrically repeat on two sides of the plot, and the house V3 is situated in between, opposite to the entrance, facing the South.

    The volume of the building is shaped in such way so that enough sunlight can enter the patio, gardens and terraces. In that way, terraces on the first and second floor, along with the solarium at the roof, are created. Since the dwellings are developed vertically, each has its own elevator that eases the vertical movement from the ground level to the roof.

    Key Facts


    Client: Varia MI 8 S.L.
    Architects: Olalquiaga Arquitectos
    Location: c/ Mateo Inurria, 8. 28036
    Madrid, Spain
    Purpose: Collective Housing
    Built area: 1.800,00 m²
    Budget: 2.500.00,00 €
    Mechanical Engineer:
    Technical Architect:
    Collaborators: Kaja Todorovic, Javier Tobar, Mantas Kitkauskas

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