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    The University of Burgos conceives the CIBA as a space open to the research and to the society in which it can receive firsthand the advances of the university in research of food biotechnology.

    This initial premise, as well as the function that the building has to satisfy and its privileged position within the University (in the Faculty of Sciences, in extension of the current I+D+i building) were the elements through which the proposal is generated.

    In front of the square floor building (of a broken and discontinuous figure) which is aligned with the shape of the plot and in symmetry to the adjacent building, we proposed a building of a circular plan (of a continuous figure). Its open space transmits and moves in all directions, and is a receiver of different fields of research and the distributor of the knowledge and its findings. In its approach it is a clear resounding building.

    This decision formally helps to solve the proximity of the Faculty of Sciences, enlarging the space between them. It contains the message of presence and transmits the University towards the exterior, while also taking advantage of the strategic location next to the main access Avenue.

    The ground floor is smaller from the upper ones, so that a large circular porch is created. There is a glazed access part that connects the two buildings, improving and enriching the relationship of each of the buildings with the exterior, with each other and with the Faculty of Science.

    The subtraction made on the ground floor is complemented by the creation of an additional floor that gives the building a more slender and representative proportion. Also, two elevated connections are made with the current I+D+i building by means of light glazes bridges.

    The exterior ring of the facade is free, surrounding the fixed inner cores. This enables the flexibility of distribution in the perimeter, allowing adaptations to future demands, minimizing the circulation spaces and optimizing the facilities.

    The exterior image of the building is dynamic, with a surface of a texture that changes with the external environment and with the movement of the observer. It is also open, meaning that it presents its best face from all of the angles. It is powerful in its whole. In the night, it is an image of light, as a permanent lighthouse (open to investigation).

    The roof is a continuance of the facade and is resolved with the same envelope as the rest of its “outer skin”, inclining towards the South in order to capture solar energy and to accommodate the upper-level spaces as the most representative ones.

    Key Facts

    Food Biotechnology Investigation Center at the University of Burgos.
    Burgos. Competition. 2010

    Client: Burgos University
    Architects: Olalquiaga Arquitectos
    Location: Burgos, Spain
    Purpose: Food Biotechnology Investigation Center
    Built area: 1.685 m2
    Budget: 1.669.000,00 €
    Mechanical Engineer: JG Ingenieros
    Models: Jesús Resino
    Renderings: Estudio
    Collaborators: Javier Morales Luchena

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