Viviendas en Cañaveral




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    A solution is proposed that responds to the main purpose for which public protection housing should be used: to provide well-being for the future Madrid inhabitants of these housing units. For this we must take care of the architectural quality that provides bright and properly ventilated spaces. It is also important that the functionality of the domestic space is guaranteed, following the EMVS Project Drafting Rules that require compliance with the program and distribution gathered from the experience and knowledge of the solutions that work after many years promoting protection housing. public in the city of Madrid.

    Starting from clear approaches and assuming the proposed bases, the character of the building must be subject to the Urban Planning Regulations, which in its correct interpretation will mark the character that the building will have in coexistence with the urban space in which it is inserted.

    Finally, the building must meet energy standards of the highest regulatory standard. The energy demand must be minimal to reduce consumption and the size of the installation.

    Ficha Técnica

    Viviendas en Cañaveral

    Client: E.M.V.S. Empresa Municipal Vivienda y Suelo de Madrid
    Architects: Olalquiaga Arquitectos S.L.P.
    Location: Vicálvaro, El Cañaveral. Madrid.
    Use: Residential
    Surface: 2.797,32 m² (LOTE I) / 2.714,40 m² (LOTE II)
    Budget: 10.372.003,34 Euros
    Structures: Grupo ARGENIA
    Instalations: Grupo ARGENIA
    3D images:
    Technical Architect: Rosalino Daza / Enrique Martínez
    Collaborators: Borja Pérez de Villar Ramos, Alejandro González Santos, Pablo Gascón Paniagua, Arkaitz Martínez Díaz
    Competition: 1st Prize and project (LOT II / Cañaveral 09) 3rd Prize (LOT I)

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